Friday, 18 July 2014


I rue the day that I ever met you, and deeply regret you getting close to me. I cannot wait to deeply neglect you, deeply forget you.
Poems - Tricky

About bloody time

Last weekend was spent with dear friends. On Saturday afternoon one of them received a text message wishing them a happy wedding anniversary. It came as a mild surprise to them, as they had both completely forgotten! We all agreed that if you are going to forget your wedding anniversary, much best to do so together. Not normally so good if you do it alone.

Some things are best remembered, others are best forgotten.

I read an email today of a post from a friend's myeloma blog. (The post, coincidentally, is dated yesterday). She begins
"Five years ago today our life was totally transformed. I clearly remember sitting in the Consultant’s room... with him telling me..."
I don't think any more of it, until an hour later when I am walking down the street, and it occurs to me that the (2nd) anniversary of my myeloma diagnosis is approaching too. When was the fateful phone call, I wonder?

And then it strikes me. It was July 17th. Yesterday. Yesterday I was busy flying home from New York. Yesterday I was busy writing something for a client. Yesterday I was talking with builders and architects. Yesterday I was out for pizza with my children. Yesterday, I forgot.

Oh rapture. I can't tell you how good I feel.


  1. I dreamed of ringing voices and you promised me poems.

    1. Sometimes I write the post, and then have to think hard for the lyric. Sometimes the lyric is just there waiting.

      Forget the punk, I pack the funk

      See you in two weeks Sx. Ax

  2. A friend commented on fb:
    "I would call a 'thankfully forgotten anniversary of a horrid event' a nonniversary, but apparently that's already been taken."
    with a link to nonniversary on urban dictionary which defines it as
    "What you call your wedding anniversary after you are divorced or separated"

    Inspired, I submitted a new word which is now in urban dictionary...
    "A thankfully forgotten anniversary of a horrid event"
    e.g. "I just realised, yesterday was the amniversary of my cancer diagnosis."

  3. hello, Alex,

    what a great occasion for a memory lapse! I am so happy for you, for all you are able to do to live life out loud - and with lyrics! LOVE "amniversary! congratulations on making the urban dictionary.

    much love,