Monday 5 August 2013


When the world surrounds you, I'll make it go away, paint the sky with silver lining. I will try to save you, cover up the grey with silver lining
Silver lining - Hurts

Dial M is off the hook

I had three more posts drafted (in parts). One about cytogenetics, one about posture, and one about grace. But they will have to wait.

Over the last week, for the first time in a long time, I've not wanted to visit myelomaville. Another friend died last Sunday, reminding me - yet again - that I have an urgent need to live.

And I've been making plans, and booking flights to all sorts of destinations (New York, Venice, Turkey, the Philippines!), all of which is easier if I avoid worrying about blood tests, light chains and tumours.

And tomorrow, we're chucking the bikes on the back of the car and heading for France.

I hope your summer is as relaxing, and free from stress, as I intend mine to be. For now, I'm dialling off.