Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Light up, light up, as if you have a choice
Run - Snow Patrol

Sum, ergo curro (my contribution to updating Descartes)

To celebrate my continued good health, I ran 3k at 7am this morning. It felt good. Ben and Gyles came with me, and I'm pleased that my aching bones are still more than a match for the under 10s. My advantage will be short-lived, so I better take advantage of it while I can.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Tres meses

No me has llamado, estoy desesperado. Son muchas lunas las que te he llorado *
Rayando el sol - Maná

Check up... KFLC 82 ... Hb 13.7 ... Neutros 2.06 ... PLT 212 ... Corrected calcium 2.14 ...

12 weeks between hospital visits! (Not strictly true: I had an abortive wait in the phlebotomy dept for a set of blood tests that hadn't been properly ordered on the computer system. And I had an afternoon in A&E with Ben after a football accident.)

I deliberately left DialM quiet for the whole period, so you could share the experience. (I had to restrain myself a little.) I don't know if you've noticed the absence? Were you wondering about me? Or had you stopped thinking about it? I'd like to say I stopped thinking about it myself, but that would be a fat lie. My spine always reminds me, as does my ongoing calcium deficiency. And there was a wobble a couple of weeks ago when I caught the tail end of a child's infection and had several days of fatigue (and presumably anaemia) as a consequence. However, these are but small grievances.

My light chain score is up a little today. I do wish it would go down again a bit next time! It's not really a trend though since the κ/λ ratio is steady at around 6.5. I can't be bothered to explain that to you. If you have mm, you'll know what this means. If not, you'll have to do your own research! Or just let me paraphrase for you: "This result is suggestive of a summer holiday".

I'm signed off for another 2 months. I'm realising, as time goes by, that these check-ups form planning horizons in my life. I can just about make plans 2 appointments ahead, but that is really all. It is looking pretty promising, given my results today, that things will still be OK at the end of June. In which case I get to have a summer holiday. But I can't make firm plans further out than that. I'd really like to take the kids travelling for a bit at the end of the year, but I won't know if that's an option until after check-ups somewhere in early September and early November, or thereabouts.

It is strange to have to plan all my choices around my light chains. But such is my lot. If things are still good in February, then I want to get a puppy!

What it actually says on my results print out...

* You haven't called; I'm getting desperate. Many moons I've been missing you
Reaching for the sun - Maná