Saturday 29 May 2021


Hiding from the truth won't last. Talk about dealing in the past. Don't apologize
Living In Denial - Michael Kiwanuka

All good, basically ( ... KFLC = 137 ... κ/λ = 22 ... everything else pretty much "normal")

Our choir met, for the first time in ages last week, only to immediately discover we're still not allowed to sing indoors. But with better weather this week, we sang in the park instead. (That's better than singing with a visor on, to be honest.) My lovely friend Kate, who always asks after my health, said how much she appreciates me writing up here: which was very kind of her and reminded me I haven't posted for ages.

Hello, I'm still here! And I'm fine.

The first consequence of loosening lockdown, for me, was a bout of some rhinovirus (I think. It wasn't covid, that much I'm sure). I guess my still-naive immune system might get knocked about by a few of those in the coming months, if social interaction is beginning to return. But it's a small price to pay. And with Marisa and me both two-dose vaccinated some time ago now, I'm increasingly unfussed about any personal risk from covid. The only significant consequence of my cold (after a day of man-flu moping) was that the coughing and sneezing really upset my ribs. So much so that a little bit of me feared it was an indication of something more. Therefore, I was more than ordinarily relieved, last week, to get my numbers and see they're unmoved - in fact the KFLCs have wobbled down again a bit. Crucially, the κ/λ is static. My myeloma is doing nothing. 

We've survived the lockdown - the last few weeks were pretty tiresome and things were getting decidedly tetchy in our house. We were all glad when the boys returned to school. It's nice to watch them getting their social lives back - in particular to see Gyles making the secondary school connections that were so abruptly interrupted in Yr7. But honestly, I think my lockdown was easiest of the family - I had an office to escape to so I got more space and variety than everyone else.

For entertainment and diversion, Marisa and I took a series of walks along the Thames. In total, over lockdown I've walked from the eastern end of the Royal Docks all the way upstream to Kingston. As well as the entire length of the Regent's Canal. It's been rather a good little "project". And time just the 2 of us, walking and talking, has been good for our souls and our relationship.

With the lockdown lifting, we're going - yet again - to try to get on a plane tomorrow. After abortive attempts last Easter, and again at Christmas, I'm optimistic this time might actually work. We're "only" going to Portugal, but even that seems quite exotic. I'm positively looking forward to the indignities of air travel, and mostly to long leisurely hotel breakfasts! Bring it on.