Sunday 26 September 2021


Tearing up the radio. Lost in the stereo sound
Lost In Stereo - All Time Low

... KFLC = 163 ... κ/λ = 35 ...

I’m rather enjoying the fact that I feel a long way, right now, from myelomaville. I have to remind myself of the need - every now and then - to give you a status update.

Hiking on Ulva
My latest 3mthly check was 4mths from the last, because we were away over summer (a road trip round northern Scotland and the western isles - it was marvellous). My visits to the hospital are so infrequent that I’ve kicked my dependency on Costa’s cinnamon brioche. There’s not much news - my numbers are stable (the ratio has moved a bit, but that’s probably not meaningful, given the absolute kappa level has not). I feel pretty well - even the fatigue seems to be in retreat. My consultant wants to investigate some rib pain that apparently I’ve been complaining of for a while now - but it’s really not so bad and I’m in no great hurry.

More than 2 yrs since sct#2, that’s a pretty good place to be. A purple patch I must make the most of - I’m glad covid restrictions are receding.

I had the awful privilege of attending a local friend’s funeral last week. I won’t hijack his story into my blog, except to say it focuses my mind - again - on the fact that all we ever have is today, and our job is to make the most of it. I’m trying.

The equivalent period after sct#1 I was feeling so good I even went running a few times (that would be a bad idea now). But 6mths later, my myeloma was (slowly) on the move. A sense of urgency is required: make the most of it when I can.

As well as travel, I’ve been indulging my passions for art and live music. It’s good, though I’m aware gig venues are covidy environments (art galleries tend to be a little more cautious!). Still, I’ve had 3 jabs now, and its a case of “if not now, when?” With international travel getting more possible as weeks go by, M and I have booked a few days away together, and then an excursion further afield with the boys at half term. Because we can.