Monday, 1 April 2013


Back once again for the renegade master. D4 damager. Power to the people... Back once again, with the ill behaviour
Renegade Master - Wildchild

Day 25 : Finally at home again, and beginning to believe I can stay here

The week proved to be an experience in repetition. First I had a repeat of the fevers, just when I thought I'd got over them. Not as bad, second time, but I could have well done without it. And it kiboshed any dream of going home by Friday.

Then I had yet another platelets transfusion. These are all very well, but they have to pump me so full of antihistimine first, that I feel mighty drowsy, and the new platelets make haste for the lining inside of my nose, which turns into one great big clot for the next 24 hours.

In the mean time they got very worried about my potassium levels and were about to pump three great big bags of the stuff into me, until they repeated the blood test and concluded the first result was wrong, by a factor of half. Fills one with confidence.

Then I had to have another (red) blood transfusion. This took up all of Saturday. Having had my blood tests at 6am, they made the decision to transfuse just before midday, but didn't bring the blood until 5:30pm, and then it takes 4 hours for the transfusion to run.

Which meant my last (and best) repeat: going home, happened at 10:30 on Saturday night. Which is ridiculous, but I'm not complaining. Still, it was always my expectation that I would be discharged this weekend. I'm on track, even despite the setback that just cost me another 5 nights in hospital.

And very nice it is here too. The children are away for the holidays (with Marisa), so I have peace and tranquillity. My Mum is here with me. And I'm slowly beginning to get back on my feet. I don't feel as exhausted as I did last time, though every activity knocks it out of me. I can spend about 5 minutes on my feet, doing stuff, before I need to sit down again.

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  1. Repeats are not bad as long as the result is positive, which in this case is "being home". Keep it up Alex! We're all behind you at Chez Albarda!