Friday, 26 July 2013

Providence (of a sort)

I'll bleed just a little bit too. I'm an animal, just like you
Providence - Foals

Check up: ... Haemoglobin 11.2 ... Neutrophils 1.85 ... Platelets 140 ... Kappa FLCs 65 ...

These are my scores from tests last Monday. I had my monthly bisphosphonates (Zometa) at the same time, followed by my monthly clinic appointment on Friday. The usual drill.

Interpretation of results: no change since last month. My myeloma is going nowhere (though still detectable). My immune system is not quite normal - appears to still be stabilising. I am still (as ever) anaemic, which will become an issue if it doesn't improve in the next few months. Not exactly a clean bill of health, but the best I can, realistically, hope for.


tccomments2013 said...

dear alex

I hope that steady as she goes is setting well with you, and that you are able to still savor how far you have come. banish all niggling little flashes of what you are able to - I believe that the immune system will thrive, especially with your propensity for loving and appreciating your wonderful marisa, those darling children, and close family and friends.

sending the light of my love to help you find your way, xoxo

your fearless friend,


Alex Bicknell said...

Yeah, I'm pretty good. Enjoying summer sun, preparing for a holiday, and making some plans. Living with myeloma is truly mental, but I'm getting the hang of it...

I was thinking of you, and Hugh, only yesterday. I hope you are finding support from your family and your friends - your messages are always so positive, which I find incredible.

Strength, forever.