Friday, 8 July 2016


Slow down. Slow down. You're taking me over
The Drowners - Suede

Check up: ... KFLCs 264 ... Hb 13.0 ... Neutros 1.6 ...

My slowlapse continues. If anything the increase in my light chains is marginally decelerating of late. I don't think I'll be lucky enough to see it actually plateau, but who knows. And apart from numbness in one leg (another MRI beckons, I would imagine), I have no symptoms to report. All in all, pretty unremarkable.

I get chatting to a fella in the waiting room, who looks amazingly well for only 3 weeks out of his SCT. I recognise the lilt of his accent. He is Zimbabwean and so we drift into conversation. In no time I have his number and an invite to stay in his place in the Highlands. Which is a tempting proposition indeed.

Zimbabwean people really are the world's friendliest, even though their country is a basket case. I wish I could say the same for my own. The last few weeks feels like we are drifting in the direction of unfriendly-basket case. Still, it is nice to have things to worry about other than my 'eloma! I had the pleasure of meeting up with a myeloma-buddy to go marching on Whitehall last week. We had something to talk about, other than ourselves, which is a blessing of sorts.

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