Sunday, 24 June 2018


Are you a man? Are you a bag of sand? Swim until you can't see land
Swim until you can't see land - Frightened Rabbit

A plug - my boy ...

Gyles, my 10 year old son, is planning a sponsored swim to raise money for Myeloma UK. He's going to swim 2km.

It was all his idea - not mine. He asked me how he could get money to help fight myeloma. Obviously, I'm really proud of him for even thinking it. So... hands in pockets for his sake more than mine.

Myeloma UK is the only charity in Britain specifically focusing on issues to do with myeloma. It helps raise awareness, provides a lot of support to people living with myeloma, and is involved in many clinical trials of new treatments.

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Unknown said...

Well done Gyles. Your dad must be very proud of you