Saturday, 28 September 2019


I’ve got to stand and fight
Release the pressure - Leftfield

I’m out!

I was so surprised, on Thursday, when the doctor suggested I might be ready to go home, that I had to ask twice what my blood counts were. I thought I’d got at least another four or five days to wait to get to the magic Neutros > 0.5 threshold. But by Thursday, I had already passed it. So, on Friday afternoon, they discharged me.

Obviously, I’m delighted, though still a little nervous that fever might yet drag me back inside. But let’s not dwell on the fears, and just be grateful for a pretty smooth transplant experience.

I’m at home. It will take a bit of time to work out exactly my recuperation trajectory. But my own bed, home cooked food... all good. Even being able to have a proper shower, now they’ve taken my PICC line out... I’m happy. And, of course, being with my family.


Lola said...

I am so happy to hear the news. Look after yourself.
Sending lots of love to all of you!

Ed (Blog Adminstrator) said...

Take it and run like a thief! Being home is good for your spirits which is good for your treatment. Very happy for you.

Maarten Albarda said...

So glad to hear. Enjoy the fam! (And a proper brew!)

Unknown said...

So happy for you Alex , Enjoy your day

Deb Gascoyne said...

That is such brilliant news Alex! I have no doubt that being at home will help you grow stronger quicker! As always, make sure you listen to your body. With love from your fellow U50 patient! Xx

Phillippa BIGGS said...

Fabulous news, Alex, I am so very happy for you. Enjoy this precious time with your tribe :-) Thinking of you, and sending lots of hugs and thoughts and +++ energy your way! And avoid the TV news to avoid stress!! Lots of love, Pippa XX