Monday, 25 April 2022


I will always rise in wildfires
Wildfires - SAULT

Dose 1 done

You’re not going to get daily updates. But seeing as I’ve had so many messages these last 24hrs I thought I’d let you know I’m finally in the ward - after 24hr delay waiting for an available bed.

I don’t suppose anyone would care to explain to the tories that running the NHS at 100% utilisation is not a sign of efficiency, it’s a sign of insufficient resource. I never attempted to run businesses at more than 80% - 85% (on average). And I don’t aim to achieve higher than c85% utilisation of space at the community centre, either. 100% brings endless hidden costs.

A lot of wasted nursing time today, for example. Because we were waiting for confirmation about the bed, we’ve ended off doing my dose many hours later than planned. As a result one of my trial team will have to work until midnight tonight in order to go through the first few hours of observation with me.

Anyway, enough moaning about the government. I think my opinion is already on record.

As part of the registration process on the ward I had to answer some of those questions they use to check you’re compos mentis - what month is it, etc. They also made me write a sentence so they can compare my handwriting every day. I told them I spent most of my childhood in “handwriting club”, so I’m not too keen on having my handwriting assessed. Even so they still came back and made me rewrite my sentence because it was illegible.

Bodes well for the future, no?

I don’t want to boast but, unusually, my room has a view. Not a very beautiful one, I grant you - but some sky… Indeed, when the afternoon sun shines in, I have to pull the blinds down!

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