Wednesday, 4 May 2022


I'm kicking down the doors. I'm climbing up the walls of the house that's yours. Hey, man, won't you come, come give me a gun? Help me blow the lights right out of the sun
Wake Me Up - Foals


I'm out. Not before time. I'll spare you, for now, the moaning about the NHS's appalling discharge process. Suffice to say in the end I left without my discharge letter, my final visit from the doctor, or my pain meds. I told them they can assume it will be their names I'm cursing, if the bone pain comes back on tonight (which I expect it will).

Not out of the woods yet. Due in on Friday for blood tests to see how my immune system is weathering the storms. After that it's Monday doses, and intervening visits for blood tests if we think we need to continue to do them. It'll be another couple of weeks before there's anything at all on whether or not it works.

But for now, I don't care about any of that. I just had a shower without having to wave one arm above my head to avoid getting my cannula wet. Next, I'm going to go cook myself some lunch. I hope the neighbours are out. If not, they'll just have to bang on the walls. They might have to bang quite hard, to be heard over the music!

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