Tuesday, 3 May 2022


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Better Call Saul Extended Theme - Little Barrie

Day 8. Dose #3

Disappointed to discover today’s dose comes with a side order of DEX. They’ve promised this is the last time that will be the case. So, I guess I won’t be sleeping again tonight.

If you wanna know how I’ve filled my time, this last week... I’ve invested a good part of it in indulging myself, rewatching the entirety of Better Call Saul - all 50+ hours of it. I realise if you’ve not ever seen it, that’d be a bit daunting now, not least because I’d advise you to watch Breaking Bad first, and there’s another 50 hours of that.

But Better Call Saul is probably the most beautifully filmed (all on location in stunning New Mexico), well characterised, funny, outrageous, yet surprisingly thought provoking tv drama ever made. The main characters are all incredibly textured and their stories develop. It’s much more than a series of episodes. Rhea Seehorn, in particular, delivers an amazing performance as Kim.

Breaking Bad is the story of one man’s dark response to a cancer diagnosis. Better Call Saul is the story of another man whose lack of moral foundation progressively gets the better of him. Anti-heroes would be too polite a way to describe either of them.

Breaking Bad came first, and Better Call Saul is a prequel. It’s now in its final season. The final few episodes have to join the end of the one to the start of the other, which cannot be good news for the main characters. Rewatching something where you know the plot, permits you to just enjoy it for the cinematography, the story telling, the details, and the performances. Loads of subtle, virtually dialogue free, sequences visually deliver much of the narrative. It seemed a personal treat, as the final episodes are about to air, to get to go back and start over.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing.

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