Monday, 2 May 2022


Sun's up, we wait all day, all day, while the hell outside is kept away. If only we could move away from here. This is how we build a place. An aviary for today
Olympic Airways - Foals

Tour 2022 Mon 2 May Olympia London

By rights, in a just world, this is where I should be, tonight. But I’ll not be. It’s taken more than normal self restraint to confine myself to my pseudo prison instead, and not just do a bunk. The dr tells me I’m neutropenic today, so no matter how I’m feeling now, a sweaty crowd would’ve been a dangerous place to put myself. I know the reason I’m still incarcerated is because this treatment regime is entirely new to the medical team, as well as to me, and they’re trying to look after me. Anyway, I did delay the whole process by going on a succession of foreign trips, against their advice. So I really have no right to complain. And I did promise the medics, that once I was back off the plane, I’d submit. So here I am.

Marisa and the boys are going without me. Enjoy it for me. When they play Providence, go nuts!

When I fall down, then I know to keep on running
The Runner - Foals


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex. Not sure what to say other than hello and good to see you here and despite treatment and neutropenia, still being a doggedly disobedient awkward bugger. So sorry you’re missing the gig - not a band I know, but will check them out. And good luck with this new round of treatment. x

Anonymous said...

Oops! It published as ‘anonymous’ and now I recall all the times I tried to comment with my blog/online presence and they failed. Something about blogspot, I think. Anyway, it’s Jet (, Wendy’s friend. Waving not drowning… for now! 👋🏼

Alex Bicknell said...

Sorry about that Jet. You’ve told me many times before, but it always worked for me. However this week it’s been refusing to let me leave comments on my own blog!!! I’ve done some googling, made a tweak in the settings. I hope it’s fixed now.

And thanks for the comments - good to hear from you!