Tuesday, 12 March 2013


So tired in the morning, so tired in the morning. The clouds are spread out against the sky. I sit at my desk looking out of the window. I watch the world, passing by
So Tired in the Morning - Erland and the Carnival

Day 5 : ... Haemoglobin 11.2 ... Neutrophils 0.60 ... Platelets 164 ...

As soon as my blood test results come back today the nurse tells me I am confined to my room. Shall I show you round?

My room. A bed, a chair, a TV and lots of windows. What more could I ask for?

The business end of the room, in case you forget this is a hospital.

Part of my wonderful art collection. A couple of local young artists. I love the vibrancy of their work.

My view. I am well aware that there are little boys all over the country who would be very jealous.


  1. I have to agree on your critique of the local artists, they are both very in touch with their feelings.

    Here's hoping your numbers hit bottom and then climb soon.

  2. Can you pls do some train-spotting for me? I am still looking for some of the local trains to complete my list...

  3. Is that a Smart TV up there on the wall?

  4. Would you like me to keep a list? It's on the most recently opened section of the "London Overground" network, so I am seeing history being made.

    The TV has got freeview, about which I can't complain, though the daytime offering on Dave is pretty poor (have you seen "Disaster House"? The concept is that they take a house that's due to be demolished and to crazy things in it...)