Friday, 22 March 2013


You can go where you wanna go. People talk but they don't know
Light love - Free Energy

Day 15 : ... Haemoglobin 9.6 ... Neutrophils 0.23 ... Platelets 14 ...

All my blood counts are moving in the right direction. The consultant says I can go. I'm still neutropenic, but my immune system is busy rebooting itself. I should be ok at home, as long as I take sensible precautions and call the hospital if I get even the slightest temperature.

It's amazing how quickly one gets institutionalised. Home? Me? Is it safe? Will I cope? I had expected to be in hospital for at least three weeks. In the end it was just two and a half. Still, the timing is good - the boys have gone away for the weekend, so I have two days to acclimatise in a quiet house. I'll be a nice surprise for them on Sunday evening.

The quick turnaround is a symptom of the fact that my journey has been a reasonably smooth one. The day of the chemo was tough, and then there were about six rough days last week as everything died. But I didn't get a major infection. I didn't get severe mucositis. One doctor told me today that I had had the best response to transplant that she'd ever seen. I am grateful (of the fact, not the compliment).

My journey to full recovery is only just beginning, but I will enjoy it more from the comfort of my home and in the company of my family.


  1. Fantastic news. Enjoy sleeping in your own bed, I know it was a massive relief ti Mike. X

  2. Great news and a positive outlook goes along way! I can see smiles and excitement on the boys faces to see DAD at home!!!