Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Bless my heart, bless my mind. I got so much to do, I ain't got much time.
Hold on - Alabama Shakes

Much to my surprise, I'm in hospital tonight.

Have my patience tested today. My flesh wounds from yesterday are stinging - I've had little sleep. I have breakfast with the children, then skulk back to bed. Needless to say, the hospital doesn't call. When I phone in at 2pm things don't sound promising. But my new pipework needs cleaning, so I check in as an outpatient and get myself flushed. Then back home. (At least it's so close by. 10 minutes walk.)

Waiting. Call them again. They'll call me back. Waiting. They call me. No bed. So I tell the boys I'm home another night. Then finally, at 6:30 (the witching hour, as we prepare for three consecutive children's bedtimes) I get another call. A bed.

Needless to say that goes down like a bucket of the proverbial with two tired boys. (Lyndon, bless his heart, just smiles when I say goodnight.) This is all tough on them as it is. So it's frustrating when the system clumsily makes it worse. Our goodbyes yesterday morning at the school gate were nonchalant. Tonight's are tearful. Gyles can't articulate his emotions - he just cries and clings. Ben doesn't want to get in to his bed and goes to sleep in ours. A few minutes later he appears downstairs with my special pillow.

Still, I'm in. Here's my view.


  1. A big hug and a kiss. The boys will be fine with their wonderful mum and will store up all their kisses and cuddles for you. Karen T x

  2. All the very best Alex - we are with you!

  3. Our thoughts are with you all. Lola lit a candle for you at Westminster Cathedral on Monday.
    Anything we can do to help let us know.

  4. I thought it was difficult when Mike had to go in for his SCT on Christmas Eve, but my kids were much, much older and so I can only imagine how you must all have felt.

  5. Thinking of you Alex and will do all I can to help with Marissa and the boys xx