Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I was lost, now I'm found. I believe in you, I got no bounds. I'm movin' on up now, getting out of the darkness. My light shines on
Movin' On Up - Primal Scream

Day 12 : ... Haemoglobin 8.1 ... Neutrophils 0.05 ... Platelets 34 ...

What a joyous day. After a skin reaction to my platelet transfusion last night - came over all itchy like I'd been bitten by a swarm of mosquitoes - I was given some strong antihistamine and so I slept very soundly indeed. This morning I am up at 6, showered by 7, and sitting in a chair reading a book by 8, having already done my daily exercises. I feel great.

When today's results come in, my neutrophils are unquestionably moving upward. Not much yet, but up, and they should accelerate exponentially. (Good, at the current rate I'd be here until May.) Crucially, we know my stem cells have definitely grafted. It should just be a matter of time from here.

Looks likely I'll need a blood transfusion tomorrow, but who cares.


  1. Yay! Great news. Hurrah and hurray for grafted stem cells. xxx

  2. Round of cheers for Alex... well, for your body doing it right! You up for writing answers to the book questions I had asked you about? If so, I will send you an email.

  3. Great news Alex.

    What book are you reading? The 'History of MEP' in the developed world?

  4. Bonjour Alex

    Really very good news

    The MEP book is not the best novel i know....

    The 2 MEP awards yesterday at the Senior Leadership convention : Gold : UK

    Silver : Belgium . Enjoy your reading José

  5. Greeting from the colonies, Alex!

    Time is ultimate hearler. Your patience will be rewarded and you will soon be back in fighting trim. Meanwhile, take it easy and don't hesitate to be very self-indulgent. It is quite acceptable. If you are not already doing so, stay ahead of your nausea by loading up on the anti-nausea drugs before the symptoms hit. And by all means, use the anti-bacterial skin powder. Particularly "where the sun don't shine". One of my biggest discomforts was itchiness in that area post transplant.

    We are now firmly bonded. Take good care!